With ChangeUp, your debit card purchases are rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is transferred daily to your ChangeUp savings account. Soon, pennies change into dollars and dollars change into more dollars!

Frequently Asked Questions
That’s a great rate! Can I make extra deposits to my ChangeUp savings account?

No, deposits to your ChangeUp account come only through your debit card purchases. But, if you’re interested in setting aside more savings, Fortera Credit Union has some of the best yields around. To keep your funds liquid for fast access, ask about our Share Savings and Galaxy Money Market accounts. And, to lock in your APY for a longer period, check out our array of Savings Certificates.

Are withdrawals allowed?

Absolutely. ChangeUp is a tool to help you reach your savings goals…whatever they may be. Just like our regular savings accounts, you can make up to two withdrawals from your ChangeUp savings account each month at no charge and there is $2.00 charge for each additional withdrawal. You can withdraw your ChangeUp funds at any Fortera Credit Union branch. You also can use our online banking or mobile banking services to transfer funds to one of your other Fortera Credit Union accounts. Access is unavailable through ATM.

How do I keep track of my ChangeUp savings account?

The fastest and easiest way to monitor your ChangeUp savings account is through our online banking and mobile banking services. You can see the current balance and the most recent deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. Account activity is also included in your quarterly account statement. Access is unavailable through ATM.

How do I sign up?

Just visit any Fortera Credit Union branch location and we’ll have you enrolled in moments.

Are businesses and nonprofits eligible?


What happens to my ChangeUp account if I ever decide to close my checking account?

Since it’s tied directly to your checking account’s debit card activity, you won’t have any new deposits to your ChangeUp account once your checking account is closed. Your ChangeUp account will still be there for you, though, and you’ll continue to earn our great ChangeUp APYs.

And, what if I ever decide to close my ChangeUp account? How do I do that?

It’s as simple as a visit to your nearest Fortera Credit Union branch. We can remove you from the ChangeUp program in a matter of seconds. Of course, we hope you’ll be so pleased with your savings growth that you’ll never want to quit!

How long will the ChangeUp program last?

ChangeUp is not a promotion. It is part of our ongoing mission to help our members improve their financial life through systematic savings. We hope to see ChangeUp changing lives for years to come.








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