Upgrades to Simplify Your Life!

 As part of our ongoing efforts to improve how we deliver your Member experience, Fortera CU is upgrading our online banking, bill payment engine, and mobile banking platforms.

What does this mean for you and your Fortera accounts?

A better way to control your financial future; with tools and features that put you in control!

A simpler way to manage your life, all in one place – checking, savings, vehicle loans, and credit cards!

A faster interface, with real-time access and security; designed to give you the freedom you expect and the service you deserve!

What you need to do:

Keep an eye out for future communications that will explain what you need to do during the conversion as well as explaining all the advantages that come with it.

Prepare yourself by downloading and archiving any or all of your bill payment history – while this is not mandatory – it is recommended. Some of your history from previous years will not be converted, but you have the power to download and archive it right now.

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