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Although we love when our members call to chat with us, we know that is not always an option. That's why we have Phone Banking, our way of helping you manage your money when life keeps you on the go. So, on days when you just can't talk between 9 and 5, we've got you covered.

Give us a call at 931.431.3800 or toll-free at 800.821.5891, option #1. You’ll be guided through a comprehensive menu of options that allow you to manage your money easily, no matter what’s going on in your world.

Check it off your list

With Automated Phone Banking, you can:
  • Check your balance
  • Review your history
  • Request a statement
  • Transfer funds
  • Make a loan or credit card payment
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Stop a check payment
  • Request a 1099

Give us a call and explore what’s possible.

How to

Account set-up

To use phone banking, simply call us at 931.431.3800. You will be prompted to enter your member number or a debit card number. Once you have entered your information, you will be guided through the set-up of your phone banking account. Make sure to save your account information in a secure place.

Need a hand?

If you have any questions about using Phone Banking or need help setting up a user name or password, give us a call so we can help you face-to-face.

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