Fortera Foundation

Building the bridge to an empowered future.

Degrees of Change

Fulfilling our purpose as a force for financial good, the Fortera Foundation was established to align Fortera's core values, resources, and commitment to make meaningful investments in the communities we serve.

Through the work of the Foundation, we aim to break the cycle of generational poverty and improve families’ long-term financial stability. The Foundation focuses its impact on combatting a high rate of poverty among single parents.

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Breaking The Cycle

Recognizing a Need - Local demographics contribute to an especially high rate of poverty among single mothers, making it difficult for this growing segment to fulfill occupational and educational aspirations that raise their families’ standard of living.

Overcoming Barriers to Success - Earning a post-secondary degree is a well-established pathway out of poverty, yet it can be difficult to achieve with obstacles such as childcare, transportation and financial strain.

The Fortera Foundation works to help eliminate barriers to success and increase the quality of life for low-income single-parents and their children by:

  1. lowering single-parent college dropout rates;
  2. increasing educational opportunity & academic success for parents & children; and
  3. increasing economic self-sufficiency for single-parent families.

Two-Generation Benefit

By achieving their degree, not only do single parents increase their income potential, they may also inspire educational goals for their children and the generations behind them.

Bridging the Gap

Advancing this mission, the Foundation partners with Austin Peay State University to provide supportive assistance to single parents. Creating the bridge to a better life, the program seeks to empower single-parent students with the resources needed to enter college and graduate with a life-changing degree.

In 2020-2021, twelve scholarships were awarded to eligible Austin Peay State University students. Information about the Fortera Foundation Bridge Fund Scholarships can be found here.

Beyond financial assistance, the Foundation will also partner with Austin Peay and other educational institutions to offer financial literacy and success coaching programs. Furthering a broader mission, the organization will support additional initiatives that advance the economic self-sufficiency of Fortera members and local residents.

Building a Strong Foundation - Additionally, the Foundation also provides ten annual scholarships to local high school students to further their post-secondary education.

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