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Tips for the Money Apps

Sending money using a money app is very simple. After all, it only takes a touch of a button. No more making change or worrying about where you put your checkbook.  However, you need to understand some tips to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

Simple tips to protect yourself:

        • Set up the app so that it requires a two-step authentication before money is transferred.This can help to safeguard your funding accounts by making sure that you are the one that has authorized the transaction.
        • Slow down and make sure all of your recipient’s details are correct: Before you press ‘send’ or ‘pay,’ make sure you have the right username, phone number, photo, or other identifier.
        • Transfer incoming funds into your bank account as soon as possible. With most money apps, the funds will stay on the app until you schedule a transfer.
        • Avoid connecting your money apps to your social media accounts.
        • Never send money to strangers! Money Apps are designed for sending money only to family or close friends.
        • Don’t use the money app for business purposes.If you have a business, look into payment apps specifically meant for business users.
        • Keep your Money App up-to-date. Updates are designed to protect you from scammer’s most recent tricks.

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