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April Fool's Day Cyber Safety

April Fool’s Day is a perfect day to be on the lookout for cybercriminals.  Year after year folks are trying to be more creative as they craft emails and social media posts to ‘fool’ their friends.  With all the jokes going around, it’s a perfect time for cybercriminals to join in the fun. 

Although cybercriminals don’t wait for April Fool’s Day to try to pull one over on you, they will take advantage of a prime opportunity to get you to fall for one of their schemes.  With the simplest maneuvers to trick you into clicking on links, opening poisoned attachments, or even handing over your passwords in the mistaken belief that you are logging into a legitimate website.

With that in mind, here are just a few quick reminders:

  1. ALWAYS use caution with links that are inside of emails.Even an email that appears to be from a friend could actually be spam.  If you ever are in doubt, call or message your friend to make sure the email really did come from them.
  2. Double check where a link is directing you.Remember to hover your mouse over a link to see the web address. If you come across a shortened link that masks the end location, it’s best to refrain from clicking.
  3. In reviewing a website link, also pay special attention to the spelling. Cyber attackers are known for making an ever-so-slight change to the web address in hopes that you won’t notice.


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