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Scammers Sending You Text Messages

Scammers are now sending text messages with a survey link they hope you will click on so they can start asking you questions.   

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), unlike scammers who threaten over the phone, survey scams ask an array of questions, sprinkling in some questions soliciting personal information.

“If they ask for your birthday, and then a little while later, you know, your name, and then slip in your social security number. See, they try to get a little information at a time when you don’t realize you’re giving out that much,” said Cynthia Albert with the BBB.

While the BBB advises against opening any link, cyber security expert Nam Nguyen said they can’t access your information just by clicking it. The good news is “Most phones, like the Apple phones, are pretty protected. It's really hard to get information off your phone through clicking links" Nguyen said.

But remember that scammers are becoming more sophisticated. "Everywhere that they can get you, they will get you. That's why you have to be on your toes," Albert said.

To find out if a link is legitimate, search the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker.

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