June 20, 2014

Fortera Credit Union Not Impacted by "Svpeng" Android Virus

We are aware of this new virus threat and there is no evidence whatsoever that our systems are being targeted. We are working closely with our vendors to ensure that our mobile banking environment remains safe.

Since this virus can potentially affect ANY Android mobile application, we offer these tips provided by the Google Play Store to prevent infection:

  • Users should never install an app unless they specifically tried to install it themselves directly from the Google Play store, and should be especially cautious about installing apps based on links in emails, SMS messages, etc. Even if an app looks like a commonly used program, it could be a digital wolf-in-sheep's-clothing. If a user is prompted to install an app, it is generally recommended that they don’t immediately install, but instead look up the app on Google Play, download it there, and then continue.
  • The Google Play store is the safest place to download Android apps, and the only place where our mobile banking apps are officially offered to Android users.  Alternative app stores do not necessarily have the security standards used by Google and there have been incidents in other countries where a malware-infected version of a mobile app was put on alternative app stores and downloaded by unsuspecting users.
  • It is especially important that the average Android user never allow an app to activate the "device administrator" feature of their mobile device.
  • Users should back up their devices regularly so that in the event of infection, they will not lose all of their data.








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