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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

As part of the full line of financial products, Fortera Credit Union offers IRA options for saving for retirement. To review the options for your IRA, click here.


Retirement Central

In addition, you can use great planning tools, find updated information and open your IRA by clicking to Retirement Central®. With practical ideas from Retirement Central, you can apply today to help you achieve financial independence in retirement.


Insurance for Auto, Home, and More

Protecting your financial health is very important and simple at Fortera Credit Union. Here are some of the insurance solutions that we offer:

  • Members Auto and Homeowners - Property and casualty coverage solutions are available through one of our quality partners that offer an exclusive member savings discount and superior member service.
  • Credit Life and Disability - It is important to ensure that you and your loved ones are financially secure even if the worst were to happen. Credit disability and term life insurance can step in when your family needs help the most. The disability coverage makes your loan payment should you become disabled due to a covered illness or injury. Payments continue until you return to work, the loan is repaid or you reach the policy maximum. The term life coverage reduces or pays off your eligible loan balance should you die before paying off your loan.
  • Mechanical Breakdown - Repairs can be expensive - up to thousands of dollars - and the risk is likely to increase as your miles add up. Equip your car with mechanical repair coverage. Make breakdowns one less road hazard to worry about.
  • GAP - If your vehicle is stolen, damaged beyond repair, or otherwise declared an insured total loss, your auto insurance will cover the replacement value, but not necessarily all you owe. GAP covers the difference and more. For just a few dollars a month, you can protect yourself against this type of unexpected expense.

Personal Financial Management

You have access to a variety of financial services, including money management and credit report reviews. Most of these services are free, for some there may be a low fee. For podcasts and educational information, check out BalanceTrack.


BALANCE Financial Counseling

imageAs a member, you can get immediate information and assistance from certified financial counselors through our partnership with BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service. This confidential counseling is provided at no cost to you and BALANCE is committed to helping individuals and their families nationwide take control of their finances and reach their goals.

You have access to a variety of financial services, including money management and credit report reviews. Most of these services are free, though for some there may be a low fee.

BALANCE counselors offer:

  • Money Management Counseling
  • Credit Report Reviews
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Debt consolidation counseling
  • Eliminating fees, lowering payments and reducing interest
  • Spending, savings and budgeting plans
  • InfoLine Access
  • Objective information on money management, credit, and housing
  • *HUD-approved housing counseling service
  • *Homebuyer education
  • *Early delinquency intervention
  • *Foreclosure, reverse mortgages, and tenant rights and responsibilities

*There may be a fee associated with these services
For more information, visit BALANCE on the web, email BALANCE at, or call 888.456.2227 to speak with a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor. If you call or email regarding money management and credit questions, mention your membership in Fortera Credit Union as your referral source. 






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