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Convenient Card Management Wherever You Shop & Pay

Everyone knows the biggest hassle when receiving a new card is updating all of your shopping or expense accounts with new payment information. Now, you can easily update all of your favorite accounts at one time in the same place. 

Our Updater App allows you to quickly and securely enter your new card information and select all the accounts you would like to update. All you need is the login credentials of the sites you would like to update, that's it. Ready to get started?


1. Why should I use Fortera's Card Updating Tool?

   A: The Fortera Card Updating Tool makes life easier! It is a secure tool to update and replace your old cards on your online accounts with your new card - all in one step in one place.

2. Is there a fee to update my cards? 

   A: Nope! This is a completely free tool for Fortera Members. 

 3. What happens if I have two different cards that I'd like to update on my accounts?

   A: No problem! Once you've completed the updates for your first card you may start the process over again with your second card. You will need to have all the site login information associated with the second card as well.

4. Is it secure? 

   A: Yes! End-to-end encryption means no one can access your sensitive information but you.

5. What information is stored? 

   A: None of your personally identifiable information is stored during or upon completion of updating your sites. Your sensitive information is securely and permanently discarded once it is placed on the intended account you have chosen.

6. What if I do not know my login information? 

   A: For the protection of your account you will need to know your username/email and password to complete the card update on each site. 

7. I don't see the site I'd like to update on the list. What can I do? 

   A: We've listed the top sites where you might want to update your card. If you don't see the site you would like to update, you may go to the site individually and update it manually. Please send us an email and let us know if you have a site you think we should add to our list. 

8. Will my billing address also update?

   A: Yes, the billing address associated with your card will be updated on the sites you select.

9. How long until my new card is updated at my merchant account? 

   A: Within minutes of entering your information and completing the automatic card updating process, you will receive an email with the status of your account updates. Don't see that email? Make sure to double-check your spam folder. 

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